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A law firm is only as strong as its network. Oakes Law LLC prides itself in this regard. We have built connections throughout the country with lawyers, judges, experts, and various legal service providers. And our clients reap the benefits of these relationships.

Our sole focus is ensuring you receive the best possible result. For certain claims, there are other firms that may be better suited to handle your case, and we know them well. We have partnered and continue to partner with these firms who are uniquely positioned in these practice areas. Because of our unwavering commitment to our clients, Oakes Law LLC will not only partner with these firms, we will be with you every step of the way.  Importantly, even when we partner with another firm, the attorney fee does not change. In other words, you receive the benefit of two law firms without any additional expense.

Oakes Law LLC | TheOakesFirm.com is your free legal liaison. If you ever have a legal issue, regardless of what it is, you should always come to us first. We will provide you with an unbiased legal consultation because we succeed only when you do.


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