Meet Our Team Leaders

With decades of experience, our team at relies on a wealth of knowledge when evaluating your potential lawsuit.  Our leaders, consisting of attorneys, litigation support experts, and legal journalists, all have intimate ties to Philadelphia.  In fact, all of our leaders were born, live, and work in Philadelphia.  This is why we choose to focus on Philadelphia County exclusively... by focussing on one city, we can service our clients the most effectively.

Thomas G. Oakes II, Esquire, MBA

Founder & President

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Tom is the heart and soul of  Earning his undergraduate degree, law degree, and master's degree in business administration in the Phiadelphia area, he is intimately involved in the local community. A tireless worker, there isn't a single file that comes through his company that he doesn't personally review.  He has developed relationships with the top tier plaintiff attorneys in the city, each specializing in different types of lawsuits.  His expertise and network are at your disposal when you rely on to evaluate your lawsuit.

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Raquel Lee Silano
Vice-President & Director of Marketing

Raquel is an acomplished national and international journalist, yet chose to come back home to Philadelphia to apply her skillset to the mission.  Her dedication to the people of Philadelphia is inspiring.  In fact, she continues to volunteer for one of the only non-profit media companies in Philadelphia, giving a voice to the people of this city. Similarly, she is the voice of  Her ability to reach people is essential to the objective.

Thomas G. Oakes

Chief Advisor

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Tom is one of the most intimately involved businessman in the city.  On the cutting edge of trial technologies, he is an award winning adjunct professor at Temple Law's LLM Program in Trial Advocacy.

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The Legal Beagle Mascot

The Legal Beagle is the mascot.  You can find him on's social media accounts.  He offers our fans useful tips to keep in mind when they are injured and are considering seeking legal representation.